Custom-Made Steel Work

-  J-Bolt, L-Bolt, U-Bolt, Stud Bolt, Stud Pin, Shear Stud

-  Machine Bolt, Eye Bolt, High Tensile Bolt

-  Rock Bolt, Soil Nail, Anchor Bolt

-  Tension Rod, Tie Bar, Tie Back

-  Sag Rod, Turn Buckle, Ball Joint

-  Dome Washer, Dome Nut, Flat Washer

-  Pile Tip, Dowel Bar, Wedge and Socket, Wire Mesh

-  Pipe Connector, Steel Rib, Floating, and general metal works.

NOVOCON makes various kinds of metal works to order by machining, drilling, tapping, thread rolling, casting, forge, etc.

Metal works include:-

Some works

Anchor Bolt

U-Bolt & Curve Bolt

Stud Bolt & Anchor Bar

Socket Anchor

Plate Washer

Anchor Plate

Dome Plate

Dome Washer

Taper Washer

Tie Loop

Socket & Skrew

Pipe & Connector

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Form Tie System

Tension Rod System

Rock Bolt

Anchor Bolt

Thread Bar "ONE-Bar"

Lifting System

GFRP Rebar

Custom Made to Order